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Suffolk Passenger Transport

Downloadable PDF timetables for these services can be found on our website by clicking on the appropriate month at  or by contacting us on 0845 606 6171. Please note that these pages are frequently being updated to include new timetables and service change summaries so we would advise that you check this page regularly.

Should you require any further timetable information or to discuss the changes please contact us on 0845 606 6171 or email

4.9.17  New routes from/to Mendlesham . Click on the link below and look at the information for 113/114

Galloway timetable wef 4.9.17


12.7.13 There is a new initiative from Suffolk County Council that will benefit young people in our area. The Endeavour Card is something that will benefit all young people in the 16-19 age bracket. 

The aim is to agree a unified minimum discount of 25% off the standard single adult fare for all young people up to and including the age of 19 who hold a card.  The smart travel card will be designed to enable cashless payment on specified public transport services. The card will act like an Oyster Card, in that it will have stored value and online top-up ability. This will enable parents and others to ensure young people can pay for their transport. 

Further information the scheme is available on , any questions can be emailed to or phone 0845 606171.